Three Roll Calender Machine

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Three Roll Calender Machine

with decades of expertise in design and production of  rubber processing machinery gives precise CALENDERS designed to handle a variety of products . Like sheeting for lining, hospital bedsheets, films, frictioning of tyre fabrics for Bycycle/motor cycle /Auto tyres, hoses beltings, profiling, Cushion gum, single coating, laminating doubling etc. Special Calenders for profiles & Inner liner can be offered. 

Calenders are made in a wide range of sizes, from small laboratory unit upto the largest production machines. They are furnished with two, three, four or more rolls and with rolls in a number of different arrangements.

3 ROLL 6'' x 18'' , 8'' x 24'' Calenders are most popular for cushion/tapes/treads. These Calenders are most economical for specific for specific purpose and avoids extra expenditure due to simplicity in design. Accuracy demanded are met with precise tolerances in manufacturing.

Calenders of all sizes incorporating the latest features for obtaining uniform coating and sheet thickness, better productivity and processing of rubber.



Size Of Roll 
DIA. x Length
Line Speed. Per Minute (APP.) in MTRS. Max. Width of Product Electric
 Motor H.P
6" x 18" 7 14"


8" x 24" 7 20" 10
10" x 30" 7 26" 15
12" x 36" 9 30" 25
14" x 42" 9 36" 40
16" x 48" 9 42" 50
18" x 54" 9 48" 60
22" x 66" 9 60" 100
24" x 72" 9 66" 125
Line speed of the Calenders can be changed as per customer's requirement.


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